How Healthy is Wealthy !

For companies to gain long term success, a healthy environment along with and effective hiring statergy is required which is conducive to growth and enables superior performance. Perceiving and understanding the qualities of a healthy organization can enable you to distinguish issues in your organization which are less profitable and improve these processes for a successful business.

  1. Sharing Goals – The mission and vison of an organization should be aligned with the ambitions of the employees. It is quite clear from studies that humans are driven by self interest and as said by Donald Raegan “There are no good deeds or bad deeds, but only deeds that are directed at satisfaction of wants and needs”. It is thus the only way to get the work done from employees.


  1. Upskilling- To stay relevant in the world, skills need to be polished and new skills must be learnt. These help the employees in giving a better performance and outdo their own performance heights. Additionally, it gives an employee confidence and high morale to work which makes stressful situations to be dealt with considerable ease.


  1. Adaptability to changes- Healthy organizations have a knack for identifying opportunities and threats way before these changes impact them. This gives them a chance to reorient their resources to either capitalize on a change or smooth out the deep impact it could potentially cause to the organization.


  1. Low power distance- Power distance refers to the communication gap between the top management or the people with whom the authority to make decisions rests, and the employees on the ground level- those who are affected by these decisions. A wide communication gap sprouts resentment and disloyalty to the company. Employees get driven by their own desires to perform and organization goals are sidelined when a choice between the two is posed.


  1. Employee engagement- Allowing employees to be a part of decision making process empowers them and gives a sense of belongingness to the organization. This boosts their motivation and increases the retention ratio in organizations.


  1. Leading from the front- Strong leadership is imperative for the growth and effective governance of any and every organization. Lack of leadership has led to perishing of a lot of successful companies in the modern business scenario. Leaders should have close contact with the employees based on trust and an open door policy enables this.


– – Authored by Devayu Rastogi



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